The difference between coaching, therapy and consulting.

by Jan 26, 2020Coaching

Do you really know the difference between coaching, therapy and consulting?

Here’s a brief article to help you choose the best practice for you.

If you ever considered working with a professional to overcome some personal or work challenges at least once in your life, then you might have experienced a lot of confusion while trying to figure out which type of approach could help you get the best results.

If you’re in the process right now, then stick around, because this article is for you!

My aim is to pinpoint some of the main differences between these three methods so that you can gain the clarity you need to make an informed decision for yourself.
“Why do I have to read all this stuff? All I want is someone who can help me solve my problems!”

I hear you! And that’s what I’m trying to do here, because before you can find someone who can really help you, you need to be sure you’re looking in the right direction!


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Another crucial step is to be clear about what you expect out this experience, rather than a generic “fix my problem”, so that at the end of your journey you’ll feel satisfied about it, both in terms of results and personal investment.
While you think about this last point a bit more, I’m going to give you a very brief overview of how the three methods differ in focus, who they aim at and in which cases they can be considered the best option.
I’m going to start with coaching, because I’m a Life & Business Coach and because it’s the least known of all three, the “youngest” and in my opinion the most “misunderstood” too.

International Coaching Federation

According to ICF (the International Coaching Federation) which I follow in terms of professional standards and ethical guidelines, coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Translation: coaching is a creative learning method better suited to promote personal and professional growth.

This means that it’s not a medical approach, therefore it’s not suitable for those who are looking to heal physical and mental health issues.

Coaching doesn’t focus on “why” things are the way they are, just for the sake of it, but instead always aims at working towards a better desired outcome for the individual.



Coaching doesn’t dig into one’s past and childhood traumas, but remains well anchored into the present to work on how things are, with the purpose of promoting actions that can change and improve the immediate future.

As you can see, coaching is very practical and action oriented, even though it leaves a lot of room for self-discovery, reflection, creativity and processing emotions.

It’s important to notice that therapy can only be performed by a licensed therapist, or psychologist (rules may vary according to the country you live in), while a coach doesn’t have to be a therapist or psychologist, but that doesn’t mean that people can just wake up one morning and start calling themselves a coach!

Unfortunately, way too many think they can, but things are rapidly changing and it’s becoming clearer everyday that it’s not possible anymore to operate as a Life Coach without any specific training and accredited certifications.

now and then street art

What about therapy?


If you’re not sure whether you should hire a life coach or a therapist, ask yourself what you wish to gain from the work you’ll do with them: is it healing from a past trauma?

Is it understanding yourself and learning to function better in a certain context?

Are you going through a rough time and just need someone to talk to, vent to, but you’re not sure about what the issue is or how you can deal with it?

Then a therapist is probably a better fit for you.

Instead if you:

  • are looking for someone who can help you gain clarity over a specific situation with the aim of acting upon it
  • need support in achieving a personal or professional goal,
  • are looking for a change in life or career path (even if you don’t know what that could be or how to get there)
  • have a project you want to bring to light, but feel stuck
  • want to improve your work-life balance, your relations or your work or athletic performances

then go ahead and hire a life coach.



Now let’s see the diffeence between coaching and consulting.

When is it more appropriate than coaching?

The main difference between coaching and consulting is in the “how” and here comes the main source of confusion between the two practices, also fueled by the general misuse of the term “coach” by many professionals.

Consulting is a very effective method to gather information, know how and advice on a specific subject or topic.

It is mainly achieved through the transferring of knowledge and professional or personal experience from the consultant to the client.

A coach is not an “expert” in a specific field, and that’s because coaches don’t teach, don’t train and don’t give advice.

At least not according to ICF.

So, what should you do?


If you don’t know whether you should hire a coach or a consultant, think about your learning style: do you prefer being told what to do or get to your own conclusion?

Again, think about what you would hire this professional for and what you really need help with: are you working on a personal or business project and need practical tips and specific expertise? Then a consultant is probably better.

If instead you’re struggling with getting clarity,  you feel stuck or have any fears and insecurities attached to your goal or project, a coach is the best option for you.

As you can see, the differences between coaching, therapy and consulting are a very good starting point to make an informed decision for yourself. Regardless of the choice you’ll make I encourage you to meet the professionals you wish to hire (in person or online), so that you can ask them all the questions you need before committing.

Every reliable professional should offer a free consultation appointment, so that expectations, needs and doubts can be addressed together.

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This is what some of my clients say about me. Thank you!

Carlo Alestra

Chiara is a very valuable professional. The journey with her was extremely inspiring and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for a coach who can guide you on a path of change or focus on your goals, she is the perfect partner with whom to engage and find the right keys to face your challenges. More than recommended, a certainty!

Carlo Alestra

Agile Leader

Francesco Marcelli Flori

Chiara is a very empathetic and knowledgeable person. With her I embarked on a mentoring path that helped me clarify many doubts I had as a new coach. After this path I gained confidence and Chiara encouraged me in the right way to get my business off the ground, respecting my personality and goals.

Francesco Marcelli Flori

Life Coach

Max Mars

I found the journey with Chiara very inspiring. I appreciated the freedom of the path, which started with a precise direction and then took unexpected but extremely useful evolutions. I highly recommend it to those who want to approach coaching even without having a specific destination in mind. Enjoy the journey, Chiara is great company.

Max Mars

Reporting Specialist

Marco Zara

Excellent Professional! I have created a new path of growth that is now not limited to the now, but is part of my work and I have carved out a space for everything, thinking by priority and not by urgency as it helped me to understand.
I have gained in serenity, I feel much more confident and I know what goals I need to pursue and with what kind of commitment.

Marco Zara

General Manager

Patricia Padilla

After working with Chiara, I was able to identify my personal skills. She helped me get to know myself better and address personal challenges and dilemmas. Chiara brings positivity, solid advice and professionalism to her work.
Best of all, I felt I was talking to a wise friend. She is incredibly approachable and friendly, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. She has the ability to connect easily, and that’s why I would recommend Chiara to anyone.
Very grateful and lucky to have found her!
Thank you for coaching me!

Patricia Padilla

E- Commerce Manager

Paola Bianchi

I found Chiara by chance, surfing on internet. I still remember that day. I’ve always been intrigued by life coaching, but at the same time I was a bit sceptical about the results.
Anyway, as soon as I met Chiara during our discovery call, I realised she was an extraordinary coach and person too.

My (first) round of sessions with her has just come to an end: during these 5 months we’ve worked together on different matters. She’s guided me to ask myself the right questions to get clear on my goals; she’s helped me challenge some of my personal traits that often contribute to unvoluntarily sabotage my own plans and she’s supported me during the darkest moments of my life changing project.

Chiara is the perfect life coach: kind and sweet, yet motivating and energetic. With every word she said and  every piece of advice she gave me I felt the immense passion she has for her job,  her committment to satisfy her “clients” and a real desire to see them succeed.

I’m sure this will only be a break and that we’ll see each other again very soon.”


Paola Bianchi

Francesca Fatichenti

“Chiara supported me with kindness, listening and passion.She’s always been available, even in between sessions. Thank you for everything!”

Francesca Fatichenti


Linda Puglisi

Going on a coaching path with Chiara was incredibly stimulating and regenerating in a delicate phase of my professional life in which I had to question my work and redefine my future career goals. Chiara’s uniqueness as a coach, in addition to being extremely professional, lies in her extraordinary empathy and her ability to establish a relationship of trust with her clients. Chiara is a coach and an authentic professional and was able to transmit passion, courage and motivation to me thanks to a pragmatic approach, focused on practical steps that are never an end in themselves. Thanks to her, I had the opportunity to focus on my future professional goals and create a plan for their effective realization. Chiara has always been genuinely interested in my growth and has really helped me understand how to be a resource for myself and not an obstacle. His questions opened me to new ideas and perspectives and charged me with a new creative energy.
I would recommend Chiara as a coach to acquaintances and not just for the uniqueness of her approach, empathic and authentic, and her genuine interest in the personal fulfillment of her clients, qualities that are difficult to find in such fast professional contexts in which the human aspect is relational often takes a back seat. Heartfelt thanks Chiara for this journey and for opening my eyes.

Linda Puglisi

Human Resources Manager

Fedy Charlie

Chiara was crazy, an excellent professional and a person of heart. It helped me to make sense and above all to ask myself the right questions. I will definitely need her again in the future. Absolutely recommended!

Fedy Charlie

GDO Manager

Ferruccio pastore

“Working with Chiara has been a revealing experience. I had the chance to uncover sides of myself I had never considered before and I also worked on my own potential, which I had been unable to recognize, because I was clouded by negative thoughts.

I never felt judged, and I could talk freely about what was making feel confused. Chiara was also very patient and available even in between sessions if I wanted to reach out to her. Something worth noting is her flexible approach, meaning that she was able to understand what I needed in each moment and therefore to adapt to it.

When I started the sessions, I was deeply confused about various aspects of my life. The first goal was getting some clarity, then we started working towards the goals that emerged during the sessions. I’m glad I manage to unravel those intricated thoughts that had been with me for a while and I also feel full of energy, because I have goals to achieve.

I definitely recommend Chiara, simply because I got so many benefits, some of which become evident even at the end of the program. “

Ferruccio pastore

Teacher and Trainer, London, UK

Alessandra Mudu

“Working with Chiara has been a stimulating and enriching experience. Chiara has been a valuable ally during a transition, fully present even in between sessions.

I really appreciated being able to work on what was coming up in the moment, without forcing things, yet remaining goal oriented.

As a result of working with Chiara I gained a clearer perspective over what I was going through and what I had to let go; I took a break, processed the end of a phase in my life and started over with renewed awareness.

Chiara is open and transparent, she helped me see things from a distance and explore what needed to be healed. Anyone would benefit from working with her and I highly recommend her to all those who tend to challenge themselves. Coaching is for you if you want to take your own personal development to a new level.”

Alessandra Mudu

Digital Marketer, Barcelona, Spain

Khuloud kalthoum

“Chiara is a truly exceptional coach!

Working with her feels like sitting with a good friend and having a heart- felt conversation.
She helped me prepare for my TEDx talk and better understand my “why”.
After each session, I not only got valuable takeaways, but also felt uplifted and motivated to take concrete actions.

Her questions opened my eyes to new possibilities and ideas and her guidance and feedbacks helped me structure my TEDx talk into an informative, inspiring and entertaining narrative.

I’ve already recommended Chiara to my friends, because even in this global economy world, it’s hard to find a good coach, who genuinely cares about you and seeks to provide values before

Khuloud kalthoum

Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker - Braga, Portugal


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